Thursday, October 16, 2008

Unbelievable!! Stupid Stupid Potheads

I am on my way to Walmart (which I hate but they sell formula cheaper) and am sitting at a stoplight. I turn to my right and see a girl in the passenger seat of the car next to me packing a marijuana pipe! She then hands it to the driver and he takes a big hit. I am astonished.

I glace in the back seat only to see a little girl who couldn't be older than 2 or 3! Unbelievable! I think my mouth dropped to the floor. At that point the light turned green and he sped off in mid-puff.

If I was not in such disbelief I think I would have written down the license plate number and called the cops. I didn't think about it until later.

Now I understand that smoking pot is a very common thing in this society. I no longer allow myself to be surprised when I see someone I know light up when I didn't know they were into that. I do not smoke myself. I tried in High School and wasn't interested in continuing. I spent a good portion of my life being bitter towards those who continue to smoke but I am over that now. If people want to smoke pot then so be it. Not my problem.

But I do have a problem with this situation for a few reasons.

1. His dumbass was driving as he was smoking...right next to me. So here he is affecting his driving ability while on the same street as me, not to mention in the very next lane.

2. His farking daughter was in the car with him! Klassy! If you are going to be stupid and juvenile enough to continue smoking outside of your teens then at least do not smoke in front of your kids and do not drive them as you are smoking or under the influence.

I have heard regular pot smokers say they are better drivers when they are high. SERIOUSLY? I guess you have damaged enough brain cells to actually believe this is true! If anyone thinks for one second it's ok to drive high then you are an idiot.

I personally do not see the point of using drugs but I am not a pothead or drug addict so I guess I will never understand. And one can make the same argument with drinking alcohol. It's all self-destructive in one way or another, it's just most are not willing to admit it. I am not much if a drinker but do like to drink occasionally and always socially. However I do not have to be drunk or buzzed to have a good time.

So there you have it. White trash pothead drives 2 year old daughter as he hits his pipe and for some reason he and the mother see absolutely no problem with it. Amazing.


Selmada said...

Really!!! Sheesh. Driving under the influence is driving under the influence, be it alcohol, pot or even prescription sleeping pills. It's wrong, it's dangerous and it's illegal.
I don't think smoke of any kind, pot or tobacco should be with a kid in the car, home or any enclosed place and if possible in open air. Grrr.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your post, and concern, However, i truly believe you'll be happier trying to change things in a positive way that you believe in (ie: helping educate young people, your age and younger, not to smoke pot in the car, and especially not to expose their children to ANY smoke in an enclosed place), instead of putting down and judging people and behavior that you don't understand. compassion, compassion, compassion. you obviously have a lot of it, just from seeing your beautiful web page. if you try to put yourself truly in another's shoes, even if you don't understand, you will be such a broader person. its like going to another country, at first, you may not understand the culture, but if you live that life for a while, you probably will. peace and love to you, Julia

Meghan said...

Dear Julia,

Thank you for your comment. You put things very well however, I need to disagree with you just a few things.

I am an extremely compassionate person, however, I have very little tolerance for situations like this. I do believe I have every right to judge someone who makes the choice do drive under the influence, especially with a child in the car. My father was a fireman for 27 years(now retired) and he has pulled countless injured and deceased children (and adults) out of smashed up cars due to the careless decisions made like the person described in my post. I refuse to put myself in their situation and have compassion for them. They know the risks yet they choose to do so anyway. You should never drive under the influence to begin with, let alone with a child in the car.

If you choose to smoke pot, so be it. Like i also said in my post, I dont care. Just dont drive. I have compassion for those who deserve it and need it. Your last few sentences may be true but why would I want to live and love the culture of a pothead who decides to drive under the influence? Why would I need to? What do I need to understand this life? Driving under the influence is illegal for a reason, because its dangerous and put the lives of the driver and others at risk. I feel just as strongly about drunk drivers. A friend of my husband died in April 2008 from this.

I have a right to be concerned and a right to be angry. Do you have children? If you do, then this should anger you too.

But thank you for your comment and trying to throw a different point of view in the mix. I am a very open minded person, but this is something I cannot be open to!

Much love, Meghan =)

Chris said...

Ok I happened on this by accident, but..... Why is everyone still under this assumption that pot is so heinous and dangerous, when people are killed by smoking and drinking, MUCH MORE OFTEN than ANYONE on pot. Not to mention when they do add pot, as a reason for accident, they neglect the fact that 9 times out of 10 the driver was also drunk or on something much harder. What someone else does behind the wheel of their car is none of your business, as long as you're obeying the rules of the road and playing defense you won't get into an accident. I do repossessions for a living, so I've seen every kind of driving imaginable. Trust me on this, from experience.... It is far more dangerous and deadly to talk on your cellphone while driving, than doing most anything, bar drinking and driving of course. I've seen people literally swerving between lanes, driving on sidewalks, and on motorcycles, yes on a motorcycle and talking on the cellphone.

Don't worry about the potheads smoking up inside the car, worry about the soccer moms and execs on cellphones.

Chris said...

Wow Julia, open-minded in your closed-minded world. Last time I checked this was a free country and people have a right to do whatever they want, now if they do that and it's deemed illegal they get arrested, fine.... But they still did it.... This is one of those situations that remind me of the saying "Mind your own business." Now its not to be rude or offensive but is simple, what people do is their own business not yours. Everything ever written about the negatives of pot, have just as many things written about the positive effects, hell some british studies state that our brains actually produce the THC compound on its own without us ever having smoked. I dont care what it is people do behind the wheel of their car, I just avoid everyone on the road. If you're a good enough driver its fairly simple to do. I've been driving for nearly 18 years now, and have had only 2 accidents, which were not my fault by the way, one a guy turned left while i was driving straight and the other was with a repo on the truck, when the car I was towing fell off and the bumper came off, not exactly an accident because of others but because I was working with an idiot who didn't tell me he only strapped one wheel. I consider myself a great driver, and have driven everything from buses and trucks to sports cars and minis. This proves that people who "claim" to be open-minded, are really closed-minded bigots who chose to judge a group of people on a whole on the basis of a lifestyle choice. Whether you agree with their lifestyle is not your concern, just as its not their concern to agree with yours.

Sphere of influence..... Worry about the things within your control, not the things you have no control over. You can control your driving, your habits and your life, but you can't control someone else's habits, someone else's driving, or someone else's lifestyle. You are not the creator, you are a human like all of us, and have no right to judge anyone else based off of a mistaken belief that all potheads are bad or all drug users are scum.

Oh and just to make it clear, I too have a friend that has been SEVERELY impacted because of drunk driving, 38 years ago, she was 17 and walking, drunk driver hit her, and now her entire body is mangled. So dont try that, "oh but you don't know what its like" crap on me.

Meghan said...

Dear Chris,

I am sorry but your responses made me laugh! Obvious you didnt read my post thoroughly or my response to Julia (which you apparently thought was written by Julia but it was actually ME writing it TO Julia...not the brightest crayon in box now are we?).

Seriously you can talk to me until you are blue in the face and say whatever you want but smoking pot in the car while driving a 2 year old is unacceptable. Make whatever excuses you want to continue to tell yourself this is ok. Reposessing cars does not compare to my father being a Firefighter pulling out the dead people who cause the accidents after you may see them driving. You may SEE people driving but you do not see the aftermath of their careless decisions.

Thanks for your comment but my opinion and view point still stands. Your right, this is a free country and I am allowed to have an opinion too so let me have it! Buh-Bye!!

*smooches* Meghan