Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Proposition 8, My Thoughts

A friend asked me what my thoughts were on this now that I am a parent. I understand that this could bring on a lot of hateful comments considering that this is the Internet and anyone can read this but please keep an open mind. This is my opinion and I am allowed to have it.

Honestly the hype that they are creating around this issue is a bit overkill. It reminds of segregation with the whites/blacks. Imagine all the hype and controversy surrounded by the end of this. I am sure white people went crazy over it and made up similar issues that could make the end of this horrible. "My kid will be sitting next to those black kids, they will be eating in the same places as us, I will have to drink from a fountain after them" You know what I mean? It makes me sick.

Teaching homosexually and the fact that they can marry is not necessary and even so will not end life as we know it and it will not teach our kids to be gay (though they haven't said this specifically I bet this is the thought process behind most people regarding this part of the issue). Textbooks will not have to be ripped from the bookshelves and re-written to include "gay marriage." Marriage can be defined as a union between two people. That's it, two people. No need to go into it any further. It doesn't have to be played out to the extent of "boys can marry boys." Marriage is a union between 2 people. period. Not to mention I don't remember marriage being taught in schools. Do you? If they did, it did not stick in my brain at all. Its such a small part of the curriculum. But that's just my opinion. I think they are blowing parts way out of proportion.

Churches should not be considered hate groups (once again over exaggeration/hype). Church and state are supposed to be separate anyway. Catholic churches do not recognize marriages outside the church. Meaning if a catholic couple does not marry in a catholic church then the church does not view them as married. So why can't gay marriage be viewed the same way? If churches choose what marriages they recognize for heterosexual couples then the same can go for all marriages. In the Mormon religion if a couple divorces, the state considers them divorced but the church makes a decision whether they will look at the couple as divorced. If they deny it then the man can remarry but the woman cannot. This belief/practice is not in textbooks or mandated by the state. Why? Church and state are supposed to be separate.

The state doesn't necessarily mandate what parents teach their kids. Some parents teach racism to their kids and that's not mandated by the state so why would the state make teaching of gay marriage mandatory? They cannot control how people parent so why do they think the state can with this issue? And accepting gay lifestyles? Come on, the lifestyle will be there regardless of whether they can marry. Attacks against them are already considered hate crimes without them being allowed to marry. So if you think about it, the state already mandates acceptance.

I have no idea what tax implications this will cause and I can't see how this will effect taxes. We don't pay heterosexual marriage taxes so why would gay marriage affect anything to do with taxes?

I dunno. This just reminds me of segregation with black/whites from over a 100 years ago. Why does marriage have to be between a man and a woman according to the state? That definition of marriage came from the church centuries ago when religion was mandated and there was no freedom of religion. So by limiting marriage to being between a man and a woman is forcing religious beliefs and acceptance of those beliefs on the population if you think about it. We all decide what religion, if any, we want to follow and each church has their own sets of practices. So allow all of us to make that decision.

OK sorry I feel like I am rambling. I have all these thoughts in my head about it but never actually put them into words. Hailey is napping so I have time to write it out! haha!! I hope I haven't offended you in any way. Its just my random thoughts and me thinking out loud!

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freaked-out quarter-lifer said...

wow! thank you so much for such an open-minded and refreshing post. i have been thinking a lot of the same things about prop 8 but i don't think i could have put them into words that well. and i don't ever remember being taught about marriage in school either, so that is a weak argument against the prop, isn't it?

good for you for speaking your mind. keep doing it because i really enjoy your writing :)