Thursday, November 27, 2008

One Year Ago

One year ago today I got the most devastating news. This news made my world come crashing down. My OB confirmed my miscarriage a year ago today. 2 days later I had my D&C. It just so happens that this day landed right on Thanksgiving this year. I will forever associate my loss with Thanksgiving.

Despite this I do have a lot of Thanks to give. Because right now what I am most thankful for is currently napping in her crib.

Monday, November 24, 2008

And the beat goes on....

3 3 days will be the one year anniversary of the day that changed my life in so many ways. It will be one year since the day I had my miscarriage. Many mixed feelings with this. I am sad, sad that I ever had to go through it and sad to learn of so many other women who have gone through the same thing. It is definitely a sisterhood of silence.

It's so bitter sweet. I never got to meet my first baby. Never got to see its beating heart on the ultrasound screen. Never found out if it was a boy or a girl. I feel like that pregnancy only gave me feelings of sadness, feelings of loss, disappointment, bitterness, guilt. I felt this way for a long timeand at times I still do. But then it dawned on me one day as I was staring at my beautiful baby girl. I may have never met my 1st baby but what my first baby did give me, was Hailey.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Historical Moment

I was able to witness an historical moment on Tuesday. Our country elected the first black president (I would say African American but that may not be PC for Obama. What if he is not from Africa? He was born in Hawaii.). I am proud of our country for doing this. This definitely proves to me that our country are not the racist bastards they used to be (of course racism still exists but not enough to not elect a black president, ya know?).

Although I do think the media thus far is focusing way too much on the fact that he is black rather then the president he is going to be and what the future holds for our country. Isn't that what's really important? I understand that is a huge thing, especially amongst the black community but let's re-focus here!

He didn't focus his campaign on him being black so let's do the same for his term in the White House.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6 Tag

I was "tagged" by reading blog Kristy's. I decided to put this one on this blog! So here it goes...

6 TV shows:
One Tree Hill
Law&Order: SVU
90210 (new)
Beverly Hills 90210 (old)
House Hunters

6 Favorite Restaurants:
The Cannery
Olive Garden
Lucille's BBQ

6 Things that happened today:
Feed Hailey
Changed poopy/pee-pee diapers
Dad brought me lunch
Went on a walk with Hailey and Jake
Cooked dinner
Saw Oscar cornered a lizard..ewww

6 Things I am looking forward to:
Hailey's growth
2nd child
All the weddings coming up

6 Things on my wish list:
More sleep
The desire to exercise
Happy life for Hailey
Everyone to stop concentrating so much on Obama's race. How about concentrating on his duty as a president?
A tropical vacation
More money

6 people to Tag:
Anyone who reads this!

Now GO!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just so you know...


Oscar Thinks He's a Dog

Randy and I have said from the day we got Oscar that he's a dog in a cat's body. Several people who have met Oscar agree. When our elderly neighbor walks her dog, Oscar will walk with them. He's best buds with the dog across the street too. I have actually seen them wrestle!! He and Jake get along but Jake could care less about him and rather play with us or other dogs!

Christa came over this past weekend with her new dog Salem. Oscar, of course, befriended him immediately and they instantly became pals! We missed getting shots of them wrestling but here's a great picture Christa caught if the two of them.....

Sunday, November 2, 2008

One year ago today....

One year ago today is when I got my very first BFP. I am surprised I remembered it was today. It randomly popped in my head. I remember I had tested the day before Halloween and got a BFN. Even though I thought I wasn't pregnant, I still didn't drink on Halloween. When my period didn't come, I tested again two days later. This time I got a very clear dark BFP. I couldn't believe it. We were thrilled. Pregnant on our first try! Wow that was easy!

Of course 25 days later, we were singing a different tune and 2 days after that we had a different ending to our baby story.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prop.8, Protect Our Children...

Protect our children? Protect them from what?? A life without prejudice? A life of acceptance? Are you kidding me??

If anything, voting NO would protect our children. Protect them from a prejudice lifestyle. Just what this state needs...more prejudice. We need to teach our children not to be this way. All this proposition does is promote discrimination and hate.

If this was about interracial marriage, all supporters of this would be racist. Why is homophobia not racism? I understand homosexuality is not a race but homophobes are not looked at as prejudice bastards. Homophobia is accepted. That's's ACCEPTED (and you do not have to commit hate crimes in order to be homophobic. Non violent homomphobics exist).

Driving around town, I see TONS of signs in yards wanting support of this proposition. When I look at those, I think "You prejudice asshole." There...I said it...supporters of this proposition are prejudice asshats! Especially those who go as far as putting a sign in their front lawns! My Father in law supports this proposition, however, I do not view him as prejudice because he doesn't post a sign on his lawn. He keeps his views to himself and does not parade them to the neighborhood.

But seriously, do we still live in the 1800's?? This is 2008 people!! Roll with the punches!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Voting Yes on this is not going to protect our children, it's only going to continue a prejudice lifestyle and instill these values in our children. Is that what you want?