Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Heart Breaks

My heart breaks as I read Stacy's blog. She gave birth to her beautiful son today. After 16 minutes, he passed away. Her husband and her prepared for this day. Instead of planning a shower, decorating a nursery, or picking out a "coming home" outfit, she planned her unborn son's funeral and memorial service. I type this, as I am holding Hailey. I sobbed as I read the sad news of baby Isaac and held Hailey a little tighter. I looked at her and cried. Sad that Stacy would not experience this with Isaac and thankful that I am able to with Hailey. I could not imagine what she is going through. To carry her son to full term to only say goodbye. I bet those were the best 16 minutes of her life. I don't think she will ever forget how it felt and he will have a place in her heart forever. She is one of the strongest people I know. My heart breaks for her and I wish her strength through this devastating time.

If you would like to read Stacy's story,click here. And you can also click here for her blog she dedicated to her sweet Isaac.

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