Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Quest to have a Baby

I never thought so much would go into conceiving a child. In the beginning, you picture a duration of passionate crazy nights of sex and excitement. Only to realize how much of a chore it becomes. Suddenly you are scheduling when you need to baby dance around busy schedules. You also think it will not be an issue of any kind. Sex = baby right? Wrong. It's all about timing. How will you know your timing is correct? Charts, temps, ovulation kits....takes the fun right out of it. It becomes this quest of determination to plant the seed. Every month, you only have only a 25% chance of getting pregnant. That is frustratingly low. Though so far we have not been bitten by the infertility bug, we have had our obstacles.

It the midst of all the baby dancing, two week wait after you ovulate, peeing on the life changing home pregnancy test; you forget to realize that getting pregnant is not the end of the pursuit. A whole other set of worries and rules set in. What to eat, what not to eat, no lifting, don't do this, make sure you do that. Then there is making it through what seems like an eternity......the 1st trimester. Typically, if you have a heartbeat by 7 weeks, your chances of miscarrying are 5%. For some women, that is high, too high, frighteningly high. We didn't have a heartbeat at 7 weeks. We are a part of a different statistic, one I never imagined I would relate to. Trying to conceive is a part time job in itself. It makes me realize what a true miracle birthing a healthy baby is. Now that's a world I would love to live in....Motherhood.


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I know your fears of trying for a second exactly. I had a miscarriage then had my son prematurely after a horrible pregnancy lost over 30 lbs and spending 6 weeks living in a hospital trying to keep my son in! Not my best expereinces that terrify me to have another child no matter how badly i want it.