Thursday, January 3, 2008

Has the cloud lifted?

I woke up a few days ago and it was as if the cloud had finally started to lift. For the first time in weeks I feel slightly normal. I'm wondering how long this will last. Randy has noticed a big difference in me and he loves it. I am hoping that this isn't just a random hormone spurt that will soon fall.

The emotional rollercoaster you go through after a miscarriage is indescribable. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. And now it feels as though I am off the bumpy ride and on flat ground. I want to lose the weight I gained from being pregnant and being depressed about the miscarriage. I want to jump back into the TTC (trying to conceive) boat and give it another try. Aunt flo is here and has given me hope for the future.

I'm hoping my blogs will become happier and more random like the person I really am. So for those of you who actually read my blog, I need some major baby dust!! Send all you got my way!!

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Cathy said...

Consider yourself dusted!