Friday, January 23, 2009

Freedom of Choice Act

Wow. This makes me wish I followed Politics more. I usually stay out of them. I hate debating it.

If you know me well, you know my stand on abortion. While I would never get one myself, I do not feel like this country should go as far as making them illegal. This doesn't mean I am Pro-Choice or strictly Pro-Life. I just choose not to judge someone for making different decisions than me.

Although this bill, Freedom of Choice Act, makes me want to vomit. It will basically wipe away any restrictions on abortions currently in place. In other words, this will make partial birth abortions legal up to the baby's due date. Yes, you read that correctly. Any women can decide at any point in their pregnancy, even late into their 3rd trimester, to terminate the pregnancy for no apparent reason. It could be something as simple as because the mother changed her mind.

Medical reasons, I can understand, but because a women changed her mind?

This makes me sick. We are no longer talking about a "cluster of cells" or an "embryo." This is an alive, kicking, thriving, heart-beating, capable of living outside of the womb BABY. Yes, people, a BABY. Call it what you want, but if you are 36 weeks pregnant, it is with a baby. Fetus is just a medical term for an unborn BABY.

There are a few other regulations that will also be overturned. There is a website with a lot of information and also a petition you can sign to attempt to stop it.

Seriously, I do not think that abortions as a whole should be banned but this is absurd! I cannot believe Obama is supporting this. It makes my heart ache.

Those regualtions were put into place for a reason.

I am sitting here, staring at my beautiful baby sleeping through the video monitor, in disbelief that this is now going to be legal. I just don't understand how someone can want to terminate a life, which is such a miracle to create, at any point in a pregnancy.

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congrats for being pregnant . wishing a very good health for you and your baby