Friday, January 9, 2009

Some People Have Shit For Brains

Excuse the harshness of the title, but after you read this you will know why I chose it.

I was at the mall and was walking out to my car. I happened to be parked by Sears and walked past their Merchandise Pick Up area. I could see that this 4 door sedan had a giant plasma TV taking up the whole back seat. As I become closer to the car, I see 3, count that 3, young children crawling into the front seat with what probably is their mother. One child in sitting on the floor and the other 2 are situating themselves on the mother's lap. The driver is getting into the driver's seat. I am stunned.

They were going to drive home this way, with three young kids, all of which looked like they were still at least booster seat age. And the parents thought this was okay.

Does is take that much common sense to know that if you bring your 3 kids along to pick up your huge new TV in a 4 door, 5 passenger car that there is not going to be enough room for all to ride safely back to your destination? Really? Have you ever heard of having only one of you go so the other can watch the kids? (And yes this possible because the Sears workers will put the merchandise in your car for you so there is no need to bring multiple people). Or maybe getting a sitter of some sort if both of you insist on going? Is it really that difficult?

A child's safety (anyone for that matter) is the most important and should never be compromised. I don't care how inconvenient it is, it's priority.

And don't give me this "But it's only down the street" or "I have done this so many times and nothing have ever happened" or "You don't understand everyone's situation" bullshit. I won't buy it. I actually won't buy any excuse for this behavior. It shouldn't be done period! Picking up your huge luxury flat screen TV is not a life or death situation. Riding in a car the way that family was is!

This is not rocket science people. Here is a great website for information about children's safety in the car:

Here, I will even give you another resource:

A friend of mine told me today she saw a 2 year old riding in a car on his/her mother's lap while the mother was driving! Wow really? Did Britney Spears strike again?

Please educate yourself on this.

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