Friday, January 16, 2009

An Ode to Baby Poop

I have written before how it's funny how parenting changes everything. Your perspective changes, your concerns, your lifestyle...everything.

Any mother of a new baby knows the joy of pooping. Pooping is a good thing. You get excited for a good poop! You are disappointed with a small poop. You worry if your baby doesn't poop.

You celebrate a good poop!!

Hailey is a clockwork pooper. She always poops in the morning after her first bottle. I can almost time it! Bring on the poop!

Yesterday, she didn't poop as usual. By the time I dropped her off at my mother-in-laws before work, she still hadn't pooped. My sister-in-law was there too. So later in the day, I texted my sis-in-law wondering if she had pooped. Nope, no poop as of yet. Great. Why isn't she pooping? Was it the multi-vitamin she got last night? Where's my good poop?

So I inform Randy of the poopless morning. He seems concerned over her lack of poop as well. Once he gets home and picks her up, he texts me that she finally pooped! YAY FOR POOP!

And for the record, she is back to her regularly scheduled pooping and gave her momma a nice guacamole poop this morning!

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