Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My big parental pet peeve

Ok so I have to say that I really get irritated when I hear new moms complain that their 3-6 week old baby is waking up several times and that they do not understand why. That's probably because THEY ARE NEWBORNS and *big shocker* that's what they do! For someone to EXPECT their newborn to sleep through the night is absurd. And to think that you are going to avoid the sleepless nights that the rest of the population goes through is ridoculous.

Here is some helpful informartion if you happen to be one of these people I am speaking of:




Allow me to quote one of these resources:

By age 3 months, many babies sleep up to five hours during the night. By age 6 months, nighttime stretches of nine to 12 hours are possible.

So don't mind me if I roll my eyes when I hear of a mother complaining about this. This is what you signed up for when you got pregnant. I went through it, we all go through.

So please, don't jump to sleep training/cry it out techniques before experts recommend (if you have done any research on this, you will see that it's not recommended until at least 6 months old).

Pet Peeve vent over. =)

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Michelle said...

Thank you! This is something that bothers me too, as my SIL kept complaining that her baby (at about 6-8 weeks old) was not sleeping through the night. I tried reminding her that babies don't sleep through the night that early, but she won't listen to me as she's a mom and I'm not (yet) so she knows everything (or so she thinks). She started putting rice cereal in her baby's bottle last week (9 wks old). I followed some of your links and wish there was a way to get that info to her without offending her, but I know she'll just get upset. :(