Saturday, November 1, 2008

Prop.8, Protect Our Children...

Protect our children? Protect them from what?? A life without prejudice? A life of acceptance? Are you kidding me??

If anything, voting NO would protect our children. Protect them from a prejudice lifestyle. Just what this state needs...more prejudice. We need to teach our children not to be this way. All this proposition does is promote discrimination and hate.

If this was about interracial marriage, all supporters of this would be racist. Why is homophobia not racism? I understand homosexuality is not a race but homophobes are not looked at as prejudice bastards. Homophobia is accepted. That's's ACCEPTED (and you do not have to commit hate crimes in order to be homophobic. Non violent homomphobics exist).

Driving around town, I see TONS of signs in yards wanting support of this proposition. When I look at those, I think "You prejudice asshole." There...I said it...supporters of this proposition are prejudice asshats! Especially those who go as far as putting a sign in their front lawns! My Father in law supports this proposition, however, I do not view him as prejudice because he doesn't post a sign on his lawn. He keeps his views to himself and does not parade them to the neighborhood.

But seriously, do we still live in the 1800's?? This is 2008 people!! Roll with the punches!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!

Voting Yes on this is not going to protect our children, it's only going to continue a prejudice lifestyle and instill these values in our children. Is that what you want?

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freaked-out quarter-lifer said...

thank you! blatant, sign-posting opponents of prop 8 ARE prejudiced asshats!!!!

the other day i was driving home from work (i work in upland), and on the corner of mountain/foothill there was a group of approx. 10-15 people waving their "YES ON PROP 8" signs... people driving through the intersection were honking in support. that is so much worse than just putting a sign in your front yard (and yes, the signs piss me off too). personally, i thought the whole corner demonstration thing was disgusting.

we SHOULD be teaching our children acceptance/tolerance... i applaud you for being so open-minded. i know hailey's just a baby right now but i swear she is going to be an awesome kid and, someday an awesome adult, because of your accepting views. you rock!