Wednesday, November 5, 2008

6 Tag

I was "tagged" by reading blog Kristy's. I decided to put this one on this blog! So here it goes...

6 TV shows:
One Tree Hill
Law&Order: SVU
90210 (new)
Beverly Hills 90210 (old)
House Hunters

6 Favorite Restaurants:
The Cannery
Olive Garden
Lucille's BBQ

6 Things that happened today:
Feed Hailey
Changed poopy/pee-pee diapers
Dad brought me lunch
Went on a walk with Hailey and Jake
Cooked dinner
Saw Oscar cornered a lizard..ewww

6 Things I am looking forward to:
Hailey's growth
2nd child
All the weddings coming up

6 Things on my wish list:
More sleep
The desire to exercise
Happy life for Hailey
Everyone to stop concentrating so much on Obama's race. How about concentrating on his duty as a president?
A tropical vacation
More money

6 people to Tag:
Anyone who reads this!

Now GO!

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