Friday, December 7, 2007

Tarot Cards jinxed me

There are so many people who believe and even live by these readings. I have had one reading in my life. Count!! You're never going to believe this.....

I am not the kind of person that would usually believe in this kind of thing. I am more of a Karma person than anything. Not that this experience has made me a believer but it certainly has made me think twice about ever getting another reading done. If something is destined to happen to me.....I don't want to know.

My first reading was in high school. The summer in between Junior and Senior year. I was taking Economics and American Government during the summer session. There was this weird girl in my class. I think she was a year older than me and taking the class in order to graduate.

For some reason, she did a tarot card reading on me. I don't even know how she got me to do it but she did. I don't remember what cards came up but I will remember her interpretation for the rest of my life.

She stated that my first pregnancy would end in miscarriage. I freaked out. Even then that was one of my worst fears and it made me feel uncomfortable and scared. I asked her if the other pregnancies would be okay. She said that they would be fine just not the first one.

I tried to forget this experience but it has always stuck with me. I remember telling Autum this after I got a negative home pregnancy test a few days before I got the positive one. It makes me feel angry that that reading was ever performed like it jinxed me. Also, it made me feel as though having the reading in the first place gave me bad karma. Although, it does give me hope for my second pregnancy. So I guess now I consider it a bitter sweet experience.