Friday, February 13, 2009

Baby Fluff

This is what I call the extra weight carried from pregnancy. Baby fluff. My new and improved muffin top!

I am beginning to realize that in no way does pre-pregnancy weight mean a pre-pregnancy body. Those are now 2 completely different things!

When I was breast feeding, the weight melted off. Not to mention I swelled like the dickens while pregnant so it was like I shrunk and shriveled back to size. Although once I stopped, the fluff started to come back!! Breast feeding was like exercising every 3 hours. Lots of calories burned! My milk came in great so I was "exercising" like crazy!

Now, not so much. I keep drawing up a plan to loose the baby fluff but it always fails. I am at pre-pregnancy weight, but no where near pre-pregnancy body!

Where the hell did my motivation go? I have lost it. If you find it, point it back my way!

While I should be on the treadmill running, blogging sounds much more appealing!


Danielle said...

meghan, you were absolutely beautiful before having hailey and you are all the more so now for having had her! good kuck with banishing the 'fluff'... and whenever you get discouraged, just look at your precious baby girl. she is sooo worth that 'fluff' - i am loving watching her 'grow' on your other blog! :D

Danielle said...

oops! good LUCK with banishing the fluff... i have had 6 hours of sleep in 2 days. so much for proofreading!