Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 things they didn't tell you about child birth

1. People (including the nurses) pick the time when you are breathing thru a big contraction to ask you questions.

2. After a vaginal birth and after the placenta is out, the nurse will push on your belly by the belly button (and it hurts like hell) a few times and you will feel tons of gushing, Randy said it was blood and clots.

3. This isn't only when your in labor, but people will feel the need to share their birth/labor experience with you (good or bad but especially the bad) either when your in labor, after you give birth, or even when still pregnant.

4. You sweat like the dickens after birth, c-section or vaginal.

5. You can poop during vaginal delivery. This happens more than you would think. Although, didn't happen to me. And no one will care if it does.

6. After an epidural, your back can hurt for a long time and also it can cause you to swell.

7. Granny panties, super maxi-pads and those mesh panties will become your new best friends. And also Tucks! Take a pack home from the hospital!

8. Your uterus cramps while breast feeding or pumping. This causes more blood to leak out.

9. The placenta looks like a tri tip.

10. You can feel phantom baby movements in your belly after birth.

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