Wednesday, September 10, 2008

10 things they didn't tell you about being pregnant

1. Everyone views your belly as a free-for-all. Even strangers will rub your belly.

2. Your nipple and aureoles get bigger....and DARKER

3. As the baby gets bigger you "Sniss." This is sudden urine leakage brought on by sneezing.

4. Everyone in the world has an opinion about your pregnancy or pregnancy in general or what you can/cannot eat, and they will share it with you even if its not solicited.

5. Your feet can swell so big that your shoes do not fit anymore.

6. Your feet are not the only parts of your body that swell, this includes your hands, legs, arms, face.....

7. Morning Sickness is not just reserved for the 1st trimester

8. A variety of fluids will leak from your nether regions which will result in a few pantie changes throughout the day.

9. Your belly will get fuzzy and then as your belly gets bigger the hair sticks straight up.

10. Suddenly you realize your deodorant isn't working as well as it used too.

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