Sunday, February 3, 2008

You Need to Just Relax and Don't Lift Heavy Things

Had I known those were the two key things to preventing a miscarriage I would have never gotten out of bed the whole pregnancy!! Why didn't somebody tell me this sooner???? Gee, I wonder if my doctor knows this??

Amazing. The stupidity continues.

I must reiterate the fact that I don't need an explanation of why this happened to me. This is what my doctor is for. And on that note, if you insist on it, please know what you are talking about first. I know I am sounding sarcastic and ungrateful to those who only want to comfort me but if they were to sit back and really look at the statement they just made, they will understand what exactly it is that they are saying.

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Tracy said...

I'm so tired of everyone's "helpful" commentary.

As if their aunt Matilda's friend certainly knows more than my doctors.