Monday, August 31, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

I was given the Honest Scrap Award by Jennifer, a follow blogger!

This award is given to blogs that write honestly and from the depth of their soul, according to her blog.

There are a couple of rules to accepting the award. Firstly is to pass the award on to 7 other bloggers, and secondly to list 10 honest and hopefully interesting things about yourself.

The following are blogs that I read on a daily basis and can relate to on some level. I love being a part of the blogger community and reading the thoughts of those who are experiencing or have experienced the same that I have.

Without further ado, my nominations!

1. Brooke, author of Mommy in Chief
2. Suzie, author of Recovering Actress
3. Karla, author of My Life by Khloe Marilyn
4. Danielle, author of Surviving the Quarter Life
5. Trish, author of Fertile Hope
6. Michele, author of Michele with one L
7. Sara, author of The Brown Family

And for the 10 honest thing about myself:

1. I am the worst with typos. It's not so much that I cannot spell, more like I type too fast, proofread horribly, & my fingers seems to be dyslexic!

2. I never wear shoes unless I have to. Otherwise I am always barefoot or in sandals. My rough heels show it!

3. Even though the above it true, I always sleep with socks on!

4. I cannot stand the touch of velvet. Touching it is like finger nails on a chalkboard for me. It makes me shutter and feel like I have something on my teeth!

5. I do my make up in the morning using my compact mirror. Here I have 3 bathrooms with huge mirrors in each and I choose to sit on my couch and use my tiny compact mirror.

6. I never wear shorts.

7. I hate talking on the phone. At first I was reluctant to begin texting but now I love it because it's quick & easier then getting stuck on the phone. My husband and I even changed our plan to lower our minutes because both of us hardly talk & text so much.

8. I cannot swim in a lake, river, or ocean if I can see the bottom & cannot touch the bottom. It freaks me out. If it is too deep to touch the bottom I'd rather not be able to see it.

9. I am a very random person. I have a dry sense of humor even though I don't like to describe myself that way.

10. I quote movies or TV shows if the quote fits in the conversation. A lot of people do not catch on and I am surprised when they do. My husband got really sunburned this past weekend and I stroked his red back and said "You're my lobster!" My husband nor the couple we were with knew where that came from. (10 points to the 1st person who knows where the came from and who said it!!).

This was fun, hope you enjoyed!!


Brooke said...

It's from Friends... but it's "Your" not "my"- said by Pheobe when talking about Ross and Rachel.

surviving the quarterlife said...

FRIENDS!! Phoebe said it about Rachel's feelings for Ross: "See? He's her lobster!" =)

Thanks for the award. I love your blogs too!

Meghan said...

Yay you ladies got it!! I changed it to fit my context since it was said by Pheobe referring to Ross & Rachel!

Meghan said...

BTW- Brooke gets the 10 points!!

Granted... I dont know what they are for... but she gets them anyway!!