Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mommy Wars: Parenting Styles

I never really thought about parenting styles when I was pregnant. And I don't really think of them now. I have never read a single parenting book either. I couldn't tell you where I get my parenting "theories" from, I just have them. And I don't really need a book to help me label it. I have a degree in Psychology with a minor in Child Development. That's about all I can give you.

But recently I have been thinking about it ever since there was some talk of it amongst a group of women I socialize with. There seemed to be some tension between two sides of parenting styles. I never really put together the controversy around it before but I guess it's there along with all the others.

I never really put a label on myself. As a matter of fact, I hate labels. I claimed independent on my political voting ballot because I refuse to consider myself Republican or Democrat. It's just such a big label and saying I am one or the other sets a huge stage. I am bits of both put together.

So if I were to read each and every style, I can probably find aspects of each that I use.

I guess this is why I do not follow a particular parenting style to the T. And I can't really describe what mine is. I will not follow a parenting style religiously and to be honest I don't understand why some do. It's way too much pressure. Parenting is hard enough without having some strict rules to follow in order to be considered a certain style. And I really feel it kind of promotes judgement amongst each other.

"OMG, you don't wear your baby every where you go?... you use a stroller?? That's so against the rules!!" "You are such a hippie mom" Sorry I don't mean to make fun but I am never the follower type so I guess I don't understand those that follow.

Seriously, if your baby is happy, healthy, thriving, and succeeding I don't care what style you use. As long as, you don't judge me for mine, whatever it is called....


Parker's Paradise said...


Anonymous said...

Oh oh, or how about those insanely anal and retarded parents who HAVE to get their child into bed by 7pm every night. And it has to be their bed at home. NO EXCEPTIONS - We are dropping whatever we were doing and getting home because my daughter is going to turn back into a pumpkin at 7pm if I dont! Oh wait... thats what you do LMAO!!!

Cathy said...

Common sense, commitment & consistency are the most important things. Quite often, the people who have the strongest opinions on how to raise children don't have children!!

Meghan said...

Dear Anonymous,

Hmmmm interesting you post this anonymously. I can only guess why you chose to do so. It's easy when your identity is hidden isnt it?

But what I find the most interesting is, of all the things you decide to snark my parenting skills about, you choose that.

Because to *think* I would actually take my tired, young infant child HOME when she is TIRED to go to SLEEP. *GASP!!* *SHOCK!!* *HORROR!!*

What was I thinking??? Taking my child home when she's tired and ready for bed?? WOW. Thank you. Thank you for enlightening me on my vicious ways!! And to think, I was actually putting my child's needs in front of my own! *Phew* I am so glad you caught me before continuing something so stupid...oh wait...Anal & Retarded.

LMAO!!! ;)

I bet you have been dying to get that out too. But its funny you pick a blog post where I talk about how I do not judge people's parenting styles & think it's silly people care so much about what someone else is doing. Guess you jumped on what you thought was a good opportunity. I am glad you were able to get that out, you must feel better now. ;)

*smooches* I am sure I will see you at a gathering soon! Until 7pm hits anyway...

Autum said...

Hahahaha!!!! Meghan I love you. And your parenting style!!! I think its safe to judge by that beautiful, happy and content baby of yours that you're doing and amazing job!

Christine said...

Hey Meghan,

Welcome to parenthood! Speaking from experience, people will always have opinions and try to "give" their advice on how you should or shouldn't do things. It gets very annoying but my advice to you is to ignore it. I let things eat at me for a long time and that was a mistake. It's about what you and Randy think is right for one else. :)