Saturday, March 7, 2009


Setting the stage, getting in the mood, ambiance...all of these are aspects of foreplay right? What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word foreplay?

I bet a majority think of the sexual acts before sex. Maybe that's all that needs to be done. Sexual petting, flirting, teasing, stimulation...all of a sexual nature.

Not for me. Not in this stage of my life. For me, foreplay begins when I open my eyes in the morning. If there are any chances of sex later that night, on your best behavior you must be.

If my husbands irritates me, forget it. No morning nookie for you buddy.

For me it's more than the sexual petting right before we jump in the sack. More than the 15 minutes before the clothes come off. It's all day, week or month for that matter.

If my husband is getting on my nerves consistently, my libido takes a huge dive. It's so much more than the events only hours before leading up to sex.

Happy wife = a happy life. If momma ain't happy, no one is! Men think if they are married they no longer need to work for it. Boy are they wrong! You need to work even more. Keep your wife happy and mini-husband gets to come out and play.

Gives new meaning to foreplay doesn't it?


Winter Delivery said...

I totally agree! it is definitely more than just the 15 minutes before the act!

Val, Mike and Brax said...

i've gotta send my husband the link to this post... i tell him this ALL the time!!!!!!!!!! they don't get it...