Thursday, March 12, 2009

Domestic Violence & Celebrity Gossip: Rihanna

For the record, I usually do not get involved with celebrity gossip. For the most part I could care less. But I have to touch on this subject because it makes me angry.

Rihanna & Chris Brown.

I didn't even know they were an item until it came out in the news that he had beaten her senseless. I was angry for her and furious with him. I felt so bad that her young age of 20, she had to endure such a horrific experience. I was happy to find she called the cops and he was being charged with a felony. He deserved everything that was coming to him.

The Face of a Beaten Woman

TMZ released the picture in the link above. I felt sad seeing it. She doesn't even look like Rihanna. I am sure she felt humiliated that it was leaked to the press.

Then I come to find out that she got back together with Chris Brown. Yes, they are back together. According to the radio, it was because she felt it was her fault, that she provoked him. Are you kidding me? If this doesn't scream battered women syndrome, then I don't know what does!

I am seriously beside myself! What is she thinking? She all the resources at her finger tips to get away from him and stay away from him. She has the financial capability to hire 24/7 security to protect her from him if needed. She has all the support of the media she wants. I am astonished.

I heard today that they are in counseling for domestic violence. This is what really ticks me off!! In counseling for domestic violence?? They are 19 & 20 years old, not even married, no kids and in counseling for domestic violence? HELLO?? Red Flags popping up everywhere! Why can't she see them?? What about this whole ordeal screams GOOD DECISION???

But she LOVES HIM, right? Who am I to judge, right? HA! I can judge all I want. As a public figure, I feel she has the duty to be a positive role model. What message is she sending to all the young women out there by getting back together with this animal? This wasn't just a bitch slap (not that slaps are okay, because they are not). He beat her unconscious and mangled her face in the process. This does not constitute forgiveness in any way, shape or form.

What the hell is she thinking? What, did she get out of the hospital and go running back to him? Did her face heal and then she ran off to meet him? "Look the bruises are gone from when you used my face as a punching bag. These bites mark scars, are just a token of your love for me." IDIOT!

They are recording a single together, per the radio. What on earth is going on here?

And for all you "but he is sorry and he will never do it again, he said so" people, BULLSHIT. Sure, maybe someone can rehabilitate from this, turn himself around and become a better person. Of course that's possible. With counseling or help from some sort of professional organization.

But in this case, she ran back to him immediately. She didn't wait for him to successfully complete some sort of program. She didn't give time for him to prove he is a changed man. She went on the sole promise of a guy who beat the hell out of her. In my opinion, right now, his word does not mean shit. Prove it buddy. You can't go from someone who would snap and beat the hell of his girlfriend, to a saint who shall not beat thy girlfriend. I am sure a lot of battered women out there would agree with me. I am sure they have heard the sorrys and yet got beat again.

This is not rocket science. Use your brain for Pete's sake. Rihanna puts the strength and Independence of women across the globe to shame.

Chris Brown is the epitome of male garbage. An asshat at it's best. I hope he goes to prison and Big Bubba beats the crap out of him and makes him his bitch. I hope for his sake, he takes this public display of domestic violence and learns from it. I am sure he is sorry, but can he honestly promise with 100% certainty right now that this will never happen again. Right now, I think not. He has a lot to prove and I certainly hope that the media and the public does not forgive him and take him back in as easily as Rihanna. I hope this society has the common sense to make him work hard for it. And if his career never recovers, he deserves it.

I wish the best for Rihanna and I truly hope it does not happen to her again. She is taking a huge risk with her life. How many times have we heard domestic violence escalate to spousal murder? I hope that's a statistic she does not become a part of.

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Winter Delivery said...

I completely agree! Get out!!! You have no kids, you have no ring, you're not married and you're 20 years old! She can do so much better than one deserves to go through that! He got charged with TWO felonies! If you need counseling when you're dating, you should't even be dating to begin with. I hope she sees the light!