Monday, June 29, 2009

Skinny Mirror

Do these actually exist? If so, please pass on the info on where to get one! One thing I cannot stand is when you go in front of a mirror and view yourself in one light, then go to a different mirror and its totally different.

You think you look pretty decent. Not too much muffin top, rolls under control. Hips look marginal. Butt is...ehh..let's not turn around. Then you walk by another mirror and stop in your tracks because you are wondering who is that fat chick following you ...oh wait...that's you! WTF? I just looked skinny in the other mirror. Let's dump this fat mirror in the trash!

Then there's the skinny camera. I don't even think these exist in the slightest. You read the camera adds 10 pounds. Yeah right, make that 30! Here you are looking in the skinny mirror, feeling like the day is a skinny day then you take some pics, view them and your mouth drops to floor. So much for the skinny day! Now whenever you look in the mirror you feel like a fat hog. Great. Gives new meaning to those typical Myspace angled photos where you cannot tell the person's size. Give me angles!!!

Makes you want to clear out all the mirrors in the house and take a hammer to the cameras. Thank goodness for being able to delete on digital cameras.


Parker's Paradise said...


Parker's Paradise said...

Love the new look too!! You're so good!!